October 11, 2010

Throttle/Slow Digi Prepaid Broadband

A few hours ago..

..at 2350.. I guessed its time to reload my broadband. Went to KK to buy some bread and Nescafe too.
..at 0020.. dialed my reload in.
..at 0022.. get connected! Yeay!

As usual, open up my "Update Manager".. an click update for all!

System updates.. daily chromium, daily edgers, etc.. leave it there.. and started watching "My name is Earl" on TV. After the show ended, I got back to my PC. The net seems very slow tonight ~ something must be wrong.

Damn.. 0230.. still slow. I switched to other OS. Still slow. Wtf! req. 50 mins to watch 8 mins of youtube?!?

Suddenly, I realize there's a SMS on my modem.

"You have reached the 100 MB daily quota. However you will continue to enjoy unlimited Internet usage at 128kbps until the next quota reset at 12am"

I've never received this kind of message before. If i knew. I'll wait.. Ikut suka mak bapak dia je..

Imagine this..
After boot-up,
OS updates: 5~10 MB
Anti-virus/Spam Blocker updates: 5~10 MB
Chrome daily updates: 20~30 MB (development purpose)
Compiler updates: 10~20 MB
Blender latest svn build: 10~20 MB

Finally, I only have 10 MB to surf with 384 kbps. 128 kbps for the rest ~ can't even watch video on youtube! 128 kbps as announced, the actual speed is only 70~80 kbps. Internet browsiong, download slow giler!


Jimmy said...

Looks like their internet prepaid subscribers have increased. Thus they set daily limit instead of monthly.

MZIskandar said...

Hi Jimmy..

I get over it ~ accepting 128 Kbps. That was months ago.. starting last week, after 100 MB cap, I can't have 128 KBps anymore. Just have around 30~60 KBps max.

Called the CS, they said 128 Kbps is max. 30~60 Kbps is normal. :~(