March 8, 2010

Thanks Mom & Dad

Today, I found the best birthday present when I was in primary school. It is the first edition of "Take Off" magazine ~ That was many, many, many years ago!

When I was a kid. We (my siblings) don't have much toys to play with. Usually I will play with LEGO until my Dad bought an IBM Compatible 8086 PC. 4 colors in CGA mode (wow!) and 16 colors in text mode (wow! wow!). The internal speaker can be heard miles away.. beeeepp.. beeeppp... damn!

.. and we have no mouse and harddrive!.. but we have Turbo button.. with Turbo off = 5 MHz, Turbo ON = 10 MHz.. Wow!

Since then.. I don't need LEGO. Played Digger with my Dad, challenging each other wondering how they put images on the screen.. and it can moves around chasing my Digger (we removed the speaker connector, so that my Mom won't hear us at night)

Being stupid & innocent, I drew a house plan with Lotus 1-2-3..!!!???.. and messing up with dBase ~ without knowing what the actual purpose of that application. One day my Dad brought back Picture Maker.. Its something like MS PowerPoint or OpenOffice Impress nowadays.. and Yeay!!! I can draw pixel by pixel using keypad!

When my Dad was working on the PC, I will be standing or sitting beside him ~ really watch and really learn and asked dozens of questions ~ irritating huh?

My loving dad will never let my questions unanswered ~ even though he can't answer most of them, he bought and borrow lots of Computer References, DOS Manuals and there was one book on GWBasic.

GWBasic.. I'm really amazed with it! But.. still, I felt something is missing until I found Turbo C version 1.0.

Other things I really mess around with.. Autocad 2.6 (damn! 10 pcs of 5.25" diskettes ~ to swap around), LOGO, DR. Halo.. etc.. (err.. PrintMaster.. its for my little baby sister.. hehe)

My Mom wont allow my Dad to buy any toys ~ just books!.. and we have tonnes of books about everyhing! The best thing was, we always can choose our own books for birthday present & when we got good grades in school.

As for me, I really into fighter aircraft & computer graphics programing.

"Take Off" First Edition magazine ~ imported, bought by my Mom for my birthday ~ and before that, I don't even know such magazine exist ~ and usually I went to sleep with it!

Thank you Mom & Dad. I love both of you so much!

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Anonymous said...

according to ur story look2 ur knowledge in computering is very powerful.

hv play with the computer program since young..

so u are the deserve to entitled computer graphic master..