November 29, 2008

Profile 2008 v1.2

There are 2 main section. The first section will describe detailed of my experience and projects. The second section is just a 1 page summary - including timeline, languages mastered, etc.

When some said, they are too long - they just can go to the summarized section - and they don't even have to read to understand.

November 13, 2008

Rigged Humanoid Animation

My first completed low poly humanoid, first try on texture painting.. soldier doing mocap from the net.. Using activeshade renderer.

237 polys
193 verts

November 8, 2008

Solution switching Z-up and Y-up

Exporting directly from Max to W3D will cause viewing problem. Max will use Z-up. and Director will use Y-up. During orbiting, after exporting W3D in Max will cause yawning.

Simply can be fixed by reassigning camera view and exporting in camera view..
1. Create a camera in 'left view'.
2. Change the orrientation from 'view' to world.
3. Activate the camera in the 3D perspective window.
4. Export W3D using the camera just created.

Thats all. The orientation fixed for W3D.

November 2, 2008

Less than a week

Rapid visualization as I call it Impossible Mission Developed in less than a week. This is a Shockwave. (Realtime + projector + web-based)

Opss.. before forgetting.. This is interactive. Click and drag the image!