December 22, 2017

Currently Fixing Lost Photobucket Images

Bit by bit..
I've downloaded the whole album few months ago - Now that 'Download' button in Photobucket album are gone. Lucky me.

  • Tedious process identifying the blank missing images.
  • Searching the downloaded images in my HDD.
  • Upload the file almost one-by-one.
  • Change the image Photobucket source link to Blogger source.
  • Updating the blog.

July 9, 2017

Cannot boot Ubuntu after crashing

Fixed at Bios by adding booting file:


I've been getting this booting problem many times, at least more than twice in a year. Usually happened after updates or crashes - where cold reboot required.

September 5, 2016

Belajar OpenGL

Blum ada idea nak citer apa. Basically, baru nak catchup balik OpenGL yg dah lama tinggal.
Smalam start porting shadertoy ke C. Size .exe less than 200kb (unoptimized, uncrinckled / uncompress).