December 29, 2008

Keburukan OpenSource!

The title metioned in Malay. 'Bad things about Open Source'. This articles will be in Malay because there's a lot of points in English - Actually none are bad - especially when its free!

Okay. Open Source tu free software/apps. Biasanya dah pre-compiled. So, once donwloaded, terus boleh install atau run je. Source-code pun ada skali. So, kalau korang nak modified pun bleh. Kalau korang pegi kat kebanyakan giant commercial apps stores - tempat jual software/apps, rata-rata diorg kata Open Source tak compatible ngan hardware korang - susah nak configure - banyak bugs/virus dan macam-macam lagi.

Open Source apps nie bukannya di developed by one company. The development can be assisted by everyone or anyone around the world. Before the final release, biasanya ada la sorang dua mamat atau lebih yang akan check source code supaya tak mendatangkan keburukan kepada users.

OpenSource are only bad to commercial software distributor - even, banyak gak hantu-hantu yang giler power kat software development company yang memang support OpenSource dam diorang la yang banyak contribute kat OpenSource - Of course not the company owner. Owner/Investor/Sales person are mostly  not hardcore programmer. Yg diorang tau nak squeeze the developer/programmers tedious hardwork and make as much money out of it from you - the users.

OpenSource will kill those lintah bukit (kebanyakan diorang dok atas bukit - maklum laa.. orang kaya..). OpenSource will bridge the gap between developers ngan users - banyak extra cost yg lintah bukit nie taruk will be eliminated. Biasanya OpenSource practitioner akan letak minimum cost kat users utk installation and configuration - based on their time - thats all and that's it - some of them are freelancer.
  • Reliability. Korang as the user, bleh blaja install/compile sendiri. Freelancer OpenSource nie biasanya tak kedekut ilmu. Its all about sharing. Sharing knowledge and codes. OpenSource apps yang popular akan selalu ada update for patches to remove bugs - or added more functionality - sebab developer memang ramai around the world.
  • Functionality. Just say it - post it to those OpenSource apps forum/request. Kalau idea korang bagus, dengan pantas developer OpenSource nie akan buatkan/highlight suggestion of the functions yang korang nak.
  • Compatibility. OpenSource apps - kalau bleh run kat linux, for sure boleh run kat Windows, Mac, etc. - Compile jer ngan compiler platform memasing.
  • Hardware Compatibility. Slalunya takde masalah. Kalau ada masalah, post jer kat forum. Bagi tau spec hardware, ramai yang akan bantu. diorang tak kedekut ilmu. Tapi, make sure - say "Thank you" to show your appreciation. Tu pun dah cukup. Kalau ada duit lebih, you can donate to support the OpenSource community. Jangan lak dah settle problem, trus ilang - please be polite.
  • Help Others. Sharing of knowledge yang akan membuatkan OpenSource terus hidup. Tak rugi kalau bantu user lain yang stuck - semoga bertambah ilmu korang.
Nanti aku sambung lagi utk software/apps gempak yang OpenSource (much more better than commercial apps)... will continue..

November 29, 2008

Profile 2008 v1.2

There are 2 main section. The first section will describe detailed of my experience and projects. The second section is just a 1 page summary - including timeline, languages mastered, etc.

When some said, they are too long - they just can go to the summarized section - and they don't even have to read to understand.

November 13, 2008

Rigged Humanoid Animation

My first completed low poly humanoid, first try on texture painting.. soldier doing mocap from the net.. Using activeshade renderer.

237 polys
193 verts

November 8, 2008

Solution switching Z-up and Y-up

Exporting directly from Max to W3D will cause viewing problem. Max will use Z-up. and Director will use Y-up. During orbiting, after exporting W3D in Max will cause yawning.

Simply can be fixed by reassigning camera view and exporting in camera view..
1. Create a camera in 'left view'.
2. Change the orrientation from 'view' to world.
3. Activate the camera in the 3D perspective window.
4. Export W3D using the camera just created.

Thats all. The orientation fixed for W3D.

November 2, 2008

Less than a week

Rapid visualization as I call it Impossible Mission Developed in less than a week. This is a Shockwave. (Realtime + projector + web-based)

Opss.. before forgetting.. This is interactive. Click and drag the image!


October 9, 2008

Masalah 'Keputihan' Screen UBUNTU

Solved.. nanti aaa aku post... dah type tajuk, malas lak nak type isi..

Edit: While writing this, I'm using 8.04.. Installing 8.10 (9 Nov 2008) is worth it. Great UBuntu! No white screen, easier Ati9600xt driver installation, accelerated 3G modem - autodetect! and much more to explore!

September 21, 2008

Trying COMODO Firewall

First Impression. Thumbs up! Cool and clean interface. Rich functions but, a little bit huge.

August 26, 2008

Procedural Lingo Texture

June 7, 2009. I am very sorry. This demo are intentionally removed and have to go. The new player (aka 11.5) doesn't compatible with 11.

The Screenshots!

WARNING! It will crash Firefox and IE. Do not click this link if you are still working on something. Save it first!

If you wanna try to run it, here's the link..

1. Click on the "Proceed button" after its done preparing the movie.
2. Drag the mouse.
3. Shift to zoom in and out.
4. Small button on the bottom left [1]Space [2]Terrain [R]Regenerate Terrain.
5. On Terrain, right click to start FIRE! FIRE! and SMOKESSS..
6. Drop some comment :P

August 24, 2008

Reposting F-15 ported to Director 11

This is a Shockwave.

1. Click on the F-15.
2. Use cursor key to take control.
3. Drop some comment :)

NOTE: Sometimes, this shit doesn't work.. If the loading bar completed and nothing come out, please use the mirror. Right-click and, either 'open in a new tab' or 'open in a new window'.. Ir should look lihe this..

July 11, 2008 is up!

Up and running. haven't upload the updated version yet. Too busy doing something else. Cheers!

July 10, 2008 down for 2 days

My will be down for 2 days for server upgrades. Now, I am not at my lab. so the demo files will be uploaded when I get back. Come again later (in 2 days)