February 3, 2010

Blackhawk Down

Humm.. bored again.. start doing experimental game.. Later the physic will be more accurate.

A little update: 5 March 2010

Multilayered ground (foliage) & GLSL water + normals. People ask me about this file. So, here it is.

Foliage volume on terrain and water reflection in real-time.

AI tanks. Currently they just shoot whatever/whoever not on their side. Pity little cute cube :~(
Still evaluating path finding techniques ~ Maybe I will use A* (A Star) techniques with some modification.

Physic and AI test on many many tanks. Target searching and firing.

Volumetric smoke - with self volume shadow and specular lighting ~ because I'm tired looking at billboarded smoke.

Volumetric smokes.

The UH60 Blackhawk

Testing low poly model.

Helicopter physic flying test.

Download Blackhawk.zip (Since I'm using GLSL, You'll need at least OpenGL 2.0 to run this)

W : Collective +
S : Collective -
A : Banking Left
D : Banking Right
X : Guns!
Cursor Up : Forward
Cursor Down : Backward
Cursor Left : Tail Left
Cursor Right : Tail Right