January 29, 2009

Microsoft did it again...

Damn! After installing the latest updates today (KB951847) - those Framework 3.5 shit, my 'commit charge' value increases around 40MB. What the fcuk is mscorsvw.exe?

The most shitty things about this updates, Microsoft will automatically install some stupid extension for Firefox. What does Microsoft got to do with Firefox? I am using Firefox because I want to run away from Microsoft's bugs.

Yes. I am using Windows XP - and I use XP because of gaming ONLY - and that's it - only Windows XP from Microsoft and its doesn't mean that Microsoft can simply install anything on other software or plugins.

You guys out there if you are still using Microsoft Office, please visit openoffice.com they are much more versatile, stable etc.

Notepad++ and Web Developer Extension (Firefox) are great web development tools. Blender.org for 3D Graphics and game engine. Gimp for photo editing. Inkscape for vector graphics and so so much more FREE high quality opensource applications.

Meanwhile, my advice.. ignore those updates.. until someone else (or me) got the solution to remove it properly..

January 26, 2009

Just Uploaed MZIDraV1 Wordpress Theme

Just published Wordpress theme, customization and optimization. Theres only one few words to say.. IE does sucks! My suggession to Microsoft, better they shutdown the IE department - and focus more on their OS - at least for now before Linux take over.

January 17, 2009

Falcon Mod

My first modding... for OpenFalcon 4.7. Coloring the HUD. Still buggy when look up. or when going wide view.

  1. Download the file.. right click and save as.. http://www.gettingf.com/falcon/14.dds
  2. make backup of your C:\MicroProse\Falcon4\terrdata\objects\KoreaObj
  3. paste the 14.dds file on C:\MicroProse\Falcon4\terrdata\objects\KoreaObj

January 16, 2009

Quick Fix Collection

Problem: VC code to mingw (codeblocks/DevCpp)

C:\...\ |54|error: cannot convert `const wchar_t[12]' to `const CHAR*' in assignment|

On line:
wc.lpszClassName = L"WindowClass";

Fix it with:
wc.lpszClassName = TEXT("WindowClass");