August 26, 2008

Procedural Lingo Texture

June 7, 2009. I am very sorry. This demo are intentionally removed and have to go. The new player (aka 11.5) doesn't compatible with 11.

The Screenshots!

WARNING! It will crash Firefox and IE. Do not click this link if you are still working on something. Save it first!

If you wanna try to run it, here's the link..

1. Click on the "Proceed button" after its done preparing the movie.
2. Drag the mouse.
3. Shift to zoom in and out.
4. Small button on the bottom left [1]Space [2]Terrain [R]Regenerate Terrain.
5. On Terrain, right click to start FIRE! FIRE! and SMOKESSS..
6. Drop some comment :P

August 24, 2008

Reposting F-15 ported to Director 11

This is a Shockwave.

1. Click on the F-15.
2. Use cursor key to take control.
3. Drop some comment :)

NOTE: Sometimes, this shit doesn't work.. If the loading bar completed and nothing come out, please use the mirror. Right-click and, either 'open in a new tab' or 'open in a new window'.. Ir should look lihe this..