September 18, 2011

Error copying files to USB drive

I snapped a few pictures in my mom's garden during Eid (besides om nom..nom.. :P).
..I want to make tileable textures!
Moved the pictures to the Netbook (Ubuntu 10.10).
Went back home & want to transfer it to my USB drive. Suddenly...

"There was an error.. bla.. bla.. bla.. whatever.."

Looking on the net searching for solution. Found NONE suitable solution. The USB drive will stop copying/responding/unmounted after few second - maybe a minute during copying.

I know that there's always a solution. Here's how to fix it... at least I can transfer 4 gigs of pictures to my USB.
  1. Open a small picture in that USB - If you have none, copy a small picture to that USB and open/view it up.
  2. By opening that picture (I'm telling Ubuntu that "I'm using this USB drive! don't loose it")
  3. The USB light won't stop blinking anymore (Ubuntu is saying.. "Ok master.. you are using this USB, I won't disconnect it")
  4. Now I can start transferring the file (without closing the small picture/image viewer)
  5. That's all.. hope it helps.. :D

September 16, 2011

Falcon BMS 4.32

Falcon BMS 4.32 is a mod, modded or modified version from the original old old (1998) Microprose game. With some hacking skills, computing skills & tonnes of enthusiasm, it can be done by anyone. This new BMS version of Falcon 4 is simply amazing facelift!

..and of course the mod version is free. get it here!
go there.. find it there ~ I'm encouraging you to read & explore it yourself ;)
..and you need a lot of reading on technical/avionics documentsss (within the installation) to play this game too.

..and joystick is a must!
..and Falcon 4 CD/pre-installed required during BMS installation.

This is the brand new CFT.

Argghh.. Where's my key? How to start the engine? Humm.. PDF might help.

Got the engine started. Taxi!

Up.. up and away..

What a nice sunny day.. in Korea!

Pushing some Gs while waiting..

..for my wingman!

I guess my upload not done properly (slow connection). Clearly, I've shot something.

Attacking airbase before I crashed into the sea while trying to get the
low flying screen caps. The sea got waves and reflection too. :D
Well.. try it. You also can try FreeFalcon 5. For FF5, you can download it for free here (no original game CD required).