February 24, 2011

Simple "Path" Animation

Start Blender.
Add new "Curve" by using "Shift" + "a" key

Go to wire-frame view mode
(So that you can see the added curve clearly.

Select the "Curve" by right clicking.
Go to edit mode using "TAB" keu.
Adjust the curve points & handles using right click to select
and "g" key to move it around.

Choose the object to animate using right click.
Go to object constraint panel.
Add constraint & choose "Follow Path"

Choose target as your curve & enable "Follow Curve"

Go to start frame (eg: frame 1).
Select the curve.
Go to "Object Data" panel
Move mouse over evaluation time.
Press "i" key to insert frame.

Go to end frame (eg: 250)
Key in the end Frames (eg: 250)
Key in "Evaluation Time" (eg: 250)
Move mouse over "Evaluation Time".
Insert the key frame again using "i" key.
Done! Press "alt" + "a" to preview animation.

Simple Animation

Start a Blender!

Select object to animate by "Right Click"

Go to the first frame. Move object to any start position (use "g" key)
then, press "i" key. Select "Location"

Drag to any end frame of your choice (eg: 100).

Move object to desired new location then, press "i" key again
and choose "Location"

Done! Press "Alt" + "a" to preview/run the animation!

February 17, 2011

February 13, 2011

Reasons for being NOCTURNAL!

Working at night..

1. Faster Internet Speed.
Less user connected.

2. More stable processing and bandwith.
Cooler processor, RAM Harddisk, etc., less glitches on wired network. Better signal on wireless network. Electric signal travels better in cooler environment. Signal waves bounce better in a dense (night) environment.

3. Cheaper/happier to travel.
Less petrol consumption (if have to out). No jams, less traffic. Discounted highway (tolls). Smaller accident possibilities/mishap.

4. Cheaper parking fees.
Most of the time, theres no parking fees at all (if have to out).

5. Less noise.
No factory siren. No moms/kids screaming. No "Surat kabar lama!!!". No hacking noise. No one knocking on the door selling stuff, etc.

6. Clients get more discount.
They don't have to absorb most of the charges on point of failures / distortion / frustration / unexpected fees.

7. Better support from others.
Connect to IRC, discuss with friends! Customer support at night are friendlier, more relax. No rush.

8. No stupid calls on the phone.
Credit card offering, Time sharing scheme, MLM scheme, etc.

9. Above all, no worries! Work peacefully in great FOCUS!
Wife/girlfriend is sleeping. Knowing exactly where shes at and what shes doing.

Cheers! :)


Clients, don't have to worry. I'm very punctual at any appointment. Unless I'm involved in an accident/mishap, uncontrolled events (force majeure).

I do have friends too. I do hangout at friends places/studios/workshops, playing new gadgets, exploring new codes, experimenting new sound/music arrangement, painting new digital arts/renders, watching/learning from them modifying engines for the next day race (legal motorsport in a legal track (Putrajaya)). I've done enough/tired of partying, clubbing, etc..

I do go shopping/window shopping in Low Yat.

I don't care: about far family politics (who I don't have any reason to hate/saying bad things), neighborhood politics, hangout at shopping complex watching people buying stuff without preliminary buying list, going for holiday without cameras to snap photos to sell online.

I have more friends than enemies (almost none).

I'm not bored of living my life learning new stuff and reading a lots of books/e-books and implement it in work.

Cheers again!