April 12, 2010

Internet Services in Malaysia

Malaysia is a great peaceful country. Malaysia have "great" cars which are more expensive than most 1st world country. We are rich ~ so we have to pay more ~ here, locally!

Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a great business to invest in. Malaysian are so peaceful, calm and living in harmony and unable to take any action to any kind of services given (currently).

All ISP, such ass(not typo!) Maxis BB(Broadband), Digi BB, Celcom BB, UMobile, P1, Streamyx (Fixed line ~ own by Telekom) are riding on Telekom's International Gateway.

Internet services in Malaysia are like 1000 peoples buffet made for 10 peoples. You can really make a lot of money out of it. Malaysian can complain but cannot sue the provider. The internet providers are protected by "best effort", "fair usage" services or what ever sh!t they call it..

"Best effort", Fair Usage" =  when its down, very slow (less than 50% speed of what the ISP provides), unstable, etc.. the customer will still have to pay for it (hourly,daily, weekly or monthly ~ according  to subscribed package). It's great right?

Tying up the customer with 1 or 2 years contract is a great idea. So, they can't run away with services that sucks!

As for me, I will pay according to my "Best Effort" too...

Anyway.. thanks for the modems.. Cheerio!

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