August 31, 2010

Freezing Ubuntu 10.04 ~ freezes, weird, randomly!

Its a frozen hell.. and hell still sucks!

After so many trials, I manage to resolve this issue (on my PC):

  • Pentium 4 HT 3.0MHz
  • PowerColor 9600xt (unsupported anymore ~ damn idiot version!)
  • 512 MB DDR (PC3200) ~ I know.. I need more.. :~(
  • 3 IDE HDD (80GB, 40GB, 10GB, OSes, data, movies + musics)
  • 1 IDE DVD Combo
  • 4 Chasis fans
  • 500 Watt PSU
  • HSDPA broadband connection

CRT Monitor 1152x864 + Ati 9600xt: Activities.. tet.. tet.. teeet..(my pc don't have sound like in the movies)

After installing 10.04, Ubuntu keeps freezing. Sucks right? Happens to me each time on almost anything.. randomly without any error and warning. First, I thought it was Flash.. then, maybe because of my old retarded GFX. After few days of installing and purging, upgrading, etc.. here's my solution (for my PC).

It's ACPI ~ Advance Configuration Power Interface!

And here we go..
  • I disabled ACPI in BIOS
  • Disable "Power Manager" at: System > Preferences > Startup Applications > disable the "Power Manager"

..then I disable ACPI in GRUB configuration
  1. Open the terminal: Applications > Accessories > Terminal
  2. Type in: sudo gedit /etc/defaut/grub
  3. Enter password if required. DO NOT CLOSE THE TERMINAL YET
  4. In the file, look for.. GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"
  5. Add in: "noacpi noapm"
  6. Mine looks like this: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash radeon.agpmode=1 noacpi noapm"
  7. note: radeon.agpmode = 1, thats the GFX mode/tweak for my PC
  8. note: noapm = apm = Advance Power Manager
  9. Safe the file.
  10. Go back to the terminal, type in: sudo update-grub
  11. This process will update the (as I can say) system GRUB. After all done, you can close the terminal.. and restart.

Guess what? I'm trying really hard to freeze it!

Running all simultaneously.. Yeehaa! no problem anymore :)

Showing, running:
  • Blender 2.53 - with GLSL
  • Fifefox ( (1 movie running),, (1 game running), (1 game running),, (1 movie running), (heavy flash site),, (1 movie running))
  • Screensaver Preferences (openGL preview are running)
  • glxgears

I hope that you can run your Ubuntu without freezing. If it works (or doesn't, please let me know ~ need to know your PC configuration too).

Currently I'm running 1152x864 on my CRT with 3D acceleration (around 1000 fps on glxgears). If you need to know how to configure/tweak that, let me know ~ I didn't put it here ~ I guess, nobody using this graphic card anymore..

Chrome + flash-plugins (especially for games) running just fine too..

Let me know by dropping comments  down there.



This solution might will DISABLE multiprocessor for some PC. For BETTER SOLUTION, go here

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