January 10, 2012

Export PDF (Layers) to Images (JPG, PNG, etc.)

Why you need to convert PDF to images? Lets say that you want to distribute presentations, scanned PDF e-books, etc on Facebook or whatever. It's easy with Opensource software with zero cost. Just do these:
  1. Install GIMP if you don't have it, download for free at http://www.gimp.org
  2. ..and its 'export layer' plugin (filename: 'export-layers.scm') at http://registry.gimp.org/node/25394
  3. Put the 'export-layers.scm' file in your GIMP installation directory.. something like.. 'C:\Program Files\Gimp-2.7.4\share\gimp\2.0\scripts'
  4. After copying the file to that directory, run GIMP.
  5. Open your desired .PDF file.
  6. Adjust the resolution.
  7. Then, the file will be opened as layers in GIMP.
  8. Make some adjustment or editing if you want.
  9. To save, (Menu) File > Layer.
  10. Enter the name.
  11. Save it (Make one directory for those file first - every pages will be saved as 1 file)
Here's some example of my personal profile converted from PDF, sized down and saved as JPG.

Please note that you can customize the file naming style by using tilde (~). Naming the Layers starting with 01 for the first layer up to 02, 03...09 will makes files easier to arrange when posting/uploading. If you have hundreds of files, change the first 9 layer with 001 up to 009.

Those profile were made with OpenOffice. You can download and install OpenOffice for free at: http://www.openoffice.org/. Actually, OpenOffice can export those files to images or PDF directly without any plugins. This post is just to show you how to convert PDF to images.


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