August 18, 2011

Saving Youtube or other Videos

  1. Internet speed sucks.
  2. Reload again? Internet speed sucks!
  3. It's in the drive. Save it. before it download again. Internet speed sucks!
Here's how. Using nothing else - just Chrome. Why Chrome?
  1. I don't want to install plugins for Flash - Adobe sucks! Why? - auto-update & auto install anti-virus.
  2. I already have my own anti-virus. Installing more anti-virus causing conflict.
  3. Auto-update slowing down my internet. Internet speed sucks!
  4. Auto-update eating my bandwith. Capped Internet connection sucks!
  5. Chrome has it own internal Flash player.. Chrome rulez!
In your directory, theres a file cache (temporary internet files that saved in your harddrive). Go there:

C:\Documents and Settings\[your computer name]\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache

Theres a list of files.
Look for big files - those big files are usually videos.
Change the name/rename the file to [bla..bla..bla].flv
Double the file click to run it.
If thats the file you want, copy the file. Paste it to somewhere else.
You're done!

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