April 1, 2011

Ads/Site Blocking with AVAST

Internet are slow ~ everywhere! Even you have 20 mbps line! Me.. just a damn 128 kbps.

Ads makes my download (really! 1 download at a time)  & browsing slower. Slow than ever! Arggghhhh!

Avast is a great Anti-virus. It's free for home user too. Try it! If you think its good, buy it! I really encourage people using paid version of Avast Anti-virus for Corporate/Office usage (Avast didn't pay me anything for this - its a sincere suggestion!)

You can download Avast Anti-virus for free here:

Make sure: uninstall all other anti-virus first before installing any other anti-virus - including Avast!. We don't want any conflict - anti-virus fighting each other to gain complete control of your PC!

I love looking for ads because I love to block them.. :)

Here's how...

After installing Avast, restart your PC
Then, launch Avast User Interface.

Go to "Real-time Shield". Select "Network Shield".
Tick "Enable Site Blocking".

Then, go to "Additional Protection" and "Site Blocking"
As you are browsing, you can see the site activity at (2).
Take a pen & paper, write down the suspected "ads" site.

Then, go back to "Additional Protection" & "Site Blocking".
Enter the suspected ads site.
You can use "?" and "*" too.
Example: Block all site with URL that have "porn".
The entry will be: *porn*
Huh.. that's all.. do you really block all the porn?

Happy Blocking & Cheers!

1 comment:

mynameis said...

dear.. the latest version won't even let you surf.... because it's trying to block everything.

shame. in order to be safe, keep your computer off.

i don't think that's going to work all that well. the idea has promise but folks want to surf. avasts latest version 7 is crapped overload because of this issue.