November 2, 2010

New "Movies" Section!

I love movies! Old historical movies. Especially war movies. Sometimes it's hard to find. All movies in this section are highly recommended by ~ of course ~ me!

Copyright owner of those movies (If they are still around) ~ please don't be mad, I'm promoting your movies ~ because they are good and worth watching :)

Most old movies are great because:
  1. Explosions are real ~ because theres no/less CGI.
  2. Less stupid "flame" only ~ "Hollywood" explosions ~ actually explosions have more debris than flame!
  3. Proper English ~ I guess..
  4. Pretty natural girls ~ no boob jobs, nose jobs, etc!
What sucks? That I won't put in here. Some can be forgiven due to technology at that time:
  1. Using wrong name to wrong type of aircraft, vehicles, etc. (can't accept this!)
  2. Cut and paste explosions.
  3. Using cut-scenes over and over again.
I will include some good new movies too. Enjoy!

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