December 7, 2010

PDF e-books & printed/hardcopy books: What do I look at..

Sekarang nie dah ada mcm sumber ilmu. Daripada buku bercetak yang dikeluarkan oleh syarikat-syarikat percetakan, sehinggalah kepada buku-buku softcopy yang dikeluarkan oleh persendirian (atau ebook). Kepada syarikat-syarikat dan individu-individu tersebut. Tahniah dan terima kasih kerana dengan usaha anda, budaya ilmu akan terus berkembang.

Sebagai peminat buku-buku teknikal, ebook dan juga hardcopy (bercetak) aku rasa berminat nak share sedikit pandangan yang mungkin dapat membantu menambah nilai dan kualiti produksi buku-buku korang.

Tahniah & respect sekali lagi kerana telah berjaya diatas hasil penerbitan korang. Kalau x start, camner nak polish, ye tak?

Translation: Thanks to all e-book (pdf, chm, djvu), printed books, tutorials makers, creators, writers, publishers & whoever involves in sharing their knowledge & experience to the world (either paid or free).

Good explanation of 'How' & 'Why'.
EXAMPLES and screenshots attracts readers & as a guide either the reader can produce the same result correctly.

Proper/clear to read fonts. Colorful syntax if possible. Beware of quotes, double quotes or any other symbols. Everyone has their own style. Standardize it! Not just cut & paste (or steal) from other people codes. Coding is like stokes of oil painting ~ it has fingerprints!

Correct/working  examples & codes.
State the required software, compilers, linkers, tools, etc. early in the beginning.(with proper/compatible VERSION/RELEASE)

At least, a BASIC foundation.
Sufficient experience working with ASM, C, C++. Understanding BINARY, OCTAL, HEX.
Use math with respect. Use logic gates with respect. TRUE & FALSE, 0, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 ~ understand why do programmers loves those numbers. Foundation of programming is PROGRAMMING not SCRIPTING. If its about modelling/graphics of human/animals, at least have some knowledge on joints & muscle groups.

Proper program loops.
Understand the loop between running modules. Time steps, breakpoints, profiling, etc. This is the most basic things ~ if not, you will need "Hello World!" before you carry on.

Optimized codes & logic.
Or at least correct way of going from point A to point B. Understanding the fine lines between teaching, tutorial, troubleshooting, error-avoidance, hacks, shortcuts with good reason/description.

Uses internal functions as much as possible.
Plug-ins, extra libraries sucks! if it can be done internally, why do we need it just because you are not familiar with the basic foundation?

Some plugins/software requires users to install along the useless/redundant software/auto-updates/etc. Let your reader know about it, consequences & if possible show your readers on how to avoid it. Example: Flash Player why and how to avoid it!
Do not SPAM your readers without his/her permission especially with your own SPAM (do not trick them!). They might hate you for eternally :)

Respect Others!
Proper credits, acknowledgment, permission, supports, etc.

That's all for now.

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