October 22, 2009

What to Blog about?

Someone ask me "What to Blog about?" and this is just my opinion...

First of all, let me share with you. Why this page "My Blog" exist.

I want to learn more. I always refer to other developer's Blog. They don't charge me anything at all!. They are great and successful developers/artist/deviners - and they are willing to share their works and ideas, tips and tutorials for free. Like they says, more knowledge you share, more you will learn.

I love programming, 3D graphics and computer games - since I was a kid. When I was in primary school, I even wrote to "Electronic Arts" - telling them that I love their games so much. After a few weeks, they do reply me - with appreciation letters - and the best thing is, they even sent a full color printer copies of their games catalog! That was 20 years ago.

Now, communication doesn't takes days anymore. The technology spread rapidly like wildfire across the world. Without knowledge, the technology are useless.

Technology and knowledge grows together. There are too many things to cope up with. Too many things to know, too many things to learn - one person will not have all those knowledge, but one person can focus on their own expertise to enrich their knowledge.

I do refer to my own Blog for solution which I have forgotten.

This is my suggestion for what to write on your blog..

If you loves storybooks/write storybooks..
  1. Review on books you read + cover image
  2. Vocab dictionary - having multiple languages are much more better
  3. Ancient words dictionary - and guide on how to use it
  4. Write your own online storybooks

If you loves cars..
  1. Review on cars. Specs
  2. Tips on maintainance
  3. Pictures, pictures and lots of pictures - or even videos!
  4. Makeover, paintjob - can do it in free image manipulation software like Gimp

If you loves plants/trees..
  1. Write about plants
  2. Tips on planting
  3. Pictures, pictures and lots of pictures!

That's all what I can think of. :)
Amende laa aku merapu nih! hehe..

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