July 4, 2010

Government and Opensource Software

First of all.. wa try to use proper Bahasa Melayu and proper English in this post. Please note that 'proper' means understandable or preferred by the old people ~ who used improper language/slang previously which described as improper by fathers/older people/older generation before them. I want to be young till I die ~ trying hard learning current generation lingo.

I live in Malaysia. I love Malaysia. I am Malaysian. As Malaysian, we pay taxes in various ways. These taxes will be use by the Government to serves 'us' as Malaysian.
Since I'm in IT industry, here's my observation...

Government wasted a lot of 'our' money investing in commercial software where there's alternative free open-source software.

Some screen-shots.. (old Ubuntu version)

Just started - after bootup.. my Desktop

File browser (thumbnail)

File browser (detailed view)

My Profile in PDF created with OpenOffice

I use GIMP for photo editing!

I can do 3D Modeling in Blender. I love 3D!

I do programming too.. After modeling, did some C++ programming so that I can compile it to become executable file which can run on Windows, Linux and Mac. The source-code here!

Other 'Demo or tutorial' in Blender - Wireframe (not my work)

Another that 'Demo or tutorial' - Textured and realtime!

Wasting on Operating System on each INDIVIDUAL thousands/millions of PCs
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, etc. is a commercial operating system alternately the government can use Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora or any other flavor).
    • Reason 1: It can run any office related application ~ except some most Windows games.
    • Reason 2: Real plug-and-play on most hardware ~ no driver required! Really! Try it!
    • Reason 3: Most key-in job/point-of-sales counter are using web based application on LAN (Local Area Network)
    • Reason 4: All DOS based software can run on Linux ~ try DOSBOX (DOS emulator)
    • Reason 5: Most Windows based software ~ and some Windows game can run on WINE (Windows Emulator)
    • Reason 6: Linux read/write Windows files (NTFS/FAT32/etc) Windows cannot recognize Linux file system (without permission).
    • Reason 7: Extremely fast security updates/fixes. Report the crucial bug/loophole now. The fixes will come out few hours later (depending on how critical it is)
Wasting on Microsoft Office on INDIVIDUAL thousand/millions of PCs
  • Alternately, the government can use OpenOffice! For free ~ of course!
    • Reason 1: It's small/highly optimized.
    • Reason 2: As good as Microsoft Office ~ or maybe better!
    • Reason 3: Can open/save as Microsoft Office file. and others...
    • Reason 4: Portable! 
Wasting on other software.
  • Photoshop alternately theres GIMP. I was Photoshop user before! But now, I love GIMP!
  • 3D software sucah as 3D Studio Max, Lightwave, etc. I used that before too. Now I love Blender. Some people says that Blender Render not as nice as those commercial software ~ Maybe they haven't missed LuxRender or Yafaray or any other Open-Source renderers.
  • Visual Studio alternately, there are CodeBlock, DevC, Notepad++, and much-much more others..
  • Languages and compilers... there are damn a lots of open-source free compilers out there - depending on what kind of license (GPL/BSD/etc) depending on the organization requirement. READ it!
  • Maybe in the future Adobe Flash will fall in this 'wasting' category when HTML5 come out.
  • ..and finally, wasting on outsourcing software/system development USING commercial/strict-ed tools/hardware/etc.
Open-source ~ bad for government's contractors/companies if they..
  • ..wants to dominate future projects.
  • ..them and only can troubleshoot/maintain the current system.
  • ..are not technically up-to-date (those higher rank positions) who wants to make a lot of money for them self by giving minimum pay for the technical employees.
  • ..prioritize on 'pleasure/leisure' (karaoke/girls/etc.) ~ Technical person wont enjoy these  as much as compared to receiving new source-code, gadget integration modules and technical documentations.
 Open-source ~ benefits to government and the rakyat (people).. and everybody!
  • There are ~ free documentation, tutorials, optimization tips and tricks, how-to ~ download-able media such as PDFs, videos, text, graphics, etc. to whom who really wants to learn.
  • Some tutorials can be bought with minimal cost.
  • Trainings are very cheap. Get the individual ~ engaging companies will increase overhead! You have to pay the CEO, COO, CFO, etc.
  • Money received by deserved person ~ customizer, trainer, modder, programmers, installer, troubleshooters, consultant, etc.
  • Encourage learning!
  • More knowledge for everybody = more new knowledge we can get = more productive! eg: a user stuck with 1 problem, he can just ask a friend in the next cubicle. The problem can be solve within less than a minute and he can continue tackling other difficult problems.
  • User can choose either to distribute/share his/her open-source (with source-code) or don't have to distribute by using it internally (his modified version) ~ open-source is not Communism!
  • The government/user can simply terminate non-performing/bad-supporting suppliers/vendors.
Malaysia nak jadi negara maju, why not follow those implementation di negara-negara maju step-by-step.. with minimal cost or even FREE ~ kalau rajin blaja/study. Try google it yourself on open-source implementation within government/organization.. If you have no time. I have no time for you too..

As my contribution, I am willing to give assistance/consultation for free to new open-source users especially Malaysian Government. Just contact me (in the comment box). Lets try sacrificing few bucks to save millions of Malaysian money!

I guess.. that's all for now..


    Rozaiman said...


    I get to know about you thru your post in chedet.

    I'm a bit into Excel VBA programming, i.e. automating a bit of my data compilation work here and there and is keen to learn alternative VBA style "spreadsheet macro".

    Is there any open source/free spreadsheet software that comes with "VBA" with many online reference and sources?

    I've tried to look into open-office in the past but the codes looks a bit too different to me with few online reference.

    I hope you can help to provide some reference/recommendation for my further reading.

    Thank you.

    -Rozaiman Ali-

    MZIskandar said...

    Assalamualaikum Rozaiman,

    OpenOffice have 'OpenOffice Basic' for its Macro. I haven't tried it myself ~ no requirement at this moment.

    Usually, for open-source software, most documentation/tutorials/samples/demos will comes from/linked from the community within the distribution site itself. May be you can try:




    I hope these links helps.